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Afternoon Water RunAfternoon Water Run

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Visiting Africa Visiting Kenya and Tanzania was a dream.  The flights were very long, but being among the animals made it all worthwhile.  We were hoping to witness a "crossing," which occurs when a group of migrating wildebeests jumps off a cliff overlooking  the Mara river and swims across.  Some people wait by the river for days for the wildebeests to  make up their minds,  but we had to be satisfied with a "mini" crossing.   

A Crossing

The Serengeti is full of amazing sights.  Some of the most precious are of the babies.  We watched this baby elephant have a fit when his mother remained in the cool, wet grass and refused to get up to play with him.

Come out and play!

In a large group of baboons we came across, we couldn't be sure which of the females were this baby's mom.  He was going from one to the other, each one giving him lots of affection.

You're a good boy.



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Fancy That

]]> (Merrie Asimow) Surrealism Sun, 11 Oct 2015 06:27:45 GMT A new website It's very exciting to put my work into a new website.  My old website was difficult to use and lacked important functions.  Of course, change always means a learning curve so I am climbing the curve.   I'm hoping all my friends on Facebook (meaning both friends of Merrie Pearlstein Asimow  and Merrie Asimow Photography)  will see my blog posts.  I will even have a guest book – so please sign up.  

These pictures are from Powderhorn Ranch in Douglas, Wyoming.  It’s a place of great  beauty - with its rugged countryside, handsome people, and stunning horses.  I spent a wonderful week with other equine women photographers and we traded stories and tips.  

End of Day

Stay close

Beautiful View The Happy CoupleCowboy and cowgirl from Powderhorn Ranch in Douglas, Wyoming

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